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One prop that retrofuturist musicians love is the classic microphone.  Nothing says "I love this era" better than singing into something that looks like it's from the era.

Then I thought, "Damn. A Shure microphone, while expensive, would be a great looking topper to a dieselpunk walking stick."

Since I don't have a Shure microphone laying around, I did a little online price shopping.  As it turns out, even knock-offs are pretty expensive, but that's because they still work. 

If you happen to find one that doesn't work anymore, or if you have the extra cash, keep this idea in mind.  It might look pretty cool.

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They're rather big for cane toppers... interesting idea though...
You have a point. The original Shures were pretty bulky.

It wouldn't stop someone from recreating one to scale with a walking stick out of wood or aluminum though.

That's beyond my talents, but I've seen this crowd pull off some pretty awesome stuff.
Interesting thought. This is my walking stick. It's the same one I'm holding in my image. I love it. You won't believe how many people it scares especially when I'm in my full dieselpunk dress:

I am discussing this idea with the guys in my Audio Dept, and may have a line on some non-functioning mikes of different types soon.
One of the cats is a collector (IE Hoarder) of old tech, and I may get him to part some out. A quick raid of the Audio room yeilds the following example:

As a note...the base of most of these are threaded, to allow easy mounting. :)
There you go! I knew someone had old mics laying around.
Tome's idea of a scale Shure topper is pretty good, too.

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