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For dieselpunks the date of November 11 has special meaning. The source material of our genre, 1920s  through 1940s, was bookend by war. It was born in the filth and death of the trenches of the Great War, came of age in the horror of World War 2, and died a slow death in the fields of Korea. Dieselpunk was born in blood, lives in blood, and dies in blood.

However, while our genre-punk is indeed dark, out of this came heroism. Brave men and women who struggled against great odds. Dieselpunk is ultimately a story of the triumph of the human spirit.

We thank all of the men and women who have served in the armed forces.

In 2012, The Clockwork Dolls released a fantastic dieselpunk EP dedicated to the forces who fought in World War 2 titled "When Banners Fall". You can listen and purchase it here.

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We remember so others do not forget.

Just letting you know (and this offer does not have a time limit) if you have served in the armed forces we offer a download of When Banners Fall free of charge. Just e-mail us at band@clockworkdolls-music.com and inform us where you served and when and we will e-mail you back with a link and a download code from our bandcamp site. 

Great words, Larry! And awesome EP by The Clockwork Dolls.

We will remember, although it is not the most important day for my fellow countrymen, but we do respect unknown warriors, as well as the ones whose names will stay with us forever.

Fantastic post sir!

Good job.  Simple and to the point,

My grandmother's brother died at Leningrad in 1943. My wife's grandfather burned in the tank at Leningrad in 1944. We remember. They lives while we remember.

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