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Hey again, So while I have my Dieselpunk Irish Gangster set completed, my girlfriend wishes to do the same. However I have no concept of women's clothing besides a reaction of drool when there's not much of it on a classy dame. Anyhow, would anyone have any suggestions on where to look for an idea for where to start? Such as a website or something of the like that has in detail information on the era's clothing?


Also, she's working on a strict budget, so any advice on getting more bang for the buck would be lovely,

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Hi Scott,

What is her favorite look?

Flapper, 1930s formal, 1940s military, etc? 

1930's formal for sure. What we went over was she wished to create a kind of Jazz singer approach, she wants to portray a strong African american jazz singer look, her words today were, "I want people to stare and say, "Damn!". Lol. I tried a quick google search for her, but we mostly found things like the temptations and whatnot, which really isn't the period.

From www.diamonddame.com.

For Women:



For men:


Personally, I'm a huge fan of Marlene Dietrich, so I gravitate towards her style (tuxedos and tailored men's suits), but any of the big-name Hollywood stars and singers of the 30s would fit perfectly. Billie Holiday is absolutely lovely, and very distinctive with her large flower hairpieces. As for the cut of an evening gown, many modern gowns seem to share the same basic silhouette as a 1930s gown- emphasis on natural body shape, slight body cling, low/no back, puffed or no sleeves, and a flared hem.

Hope this helps!

Wow, that does help! Thank you so much! I'll relay the message and see what we can do.
No problem, glad to help.


Point her towards the Fedora Lounge - they do it right.



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