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In my work-related fervor, I've been considering an update to the site.  The update would organize our knowledge, media, and articles in a way that would make Dieselpunks more of a research library than a social network.

Why?  Simple.  I see our traffic coming from writers and artists, and nostalgists who are looking to consume rather than contribute.  

Sadly, the world I'm seeing does not want a community, and people often forget they have a voice.  Instead, they want a website that can entertain them.  A place to escape and forget that actual people are right on the other end of the content they're reading; people like themselves.

As I become more and more consumed by my 9-to-5 job, I understand the mentality of wanting to switch off and disconnect at the end of the day.  But will a reorganization of our content ultimately lead to more creativity in the community?  If we made our inspirational materials easier to consume, would we see more dieselpunk work being born, or would it simply give our readers an excuse to float further away from the community we're trying to build?

What are your thoughts?  We do not live in a vacuum.  We are not untouchable rock stars.  The people who bring this site to life are as human as you and I, and our ultimate goal is to inspire, not just entertain.  I welcome your voice and opinion.

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I'm not looking to draft anyone just yet :-)  

Let's focus on cleaning the site first.

I for one am happy to see something that lets people more easliy access back-issue articles, so that's a major plus.  The screen capture looks very promising as a more streamlined site and replacing the music with a radio feed makes sense. 

I do, however, think having some sort of social tie-in like the "forum" and groups is important as it helps propagate that sense of community essential to the DP culture.  Right now DP.org is THE site for the community to communicate and I'd hate to lose that if DP 2.0 becomes a one-way site.  You might consider appointing an forum admin rather than take on that role yourself, particularly if you have a baby coming.  Trust me: as a father I can guarantee fatherhood will take up far more of your time than you ever imagined, particularly with a newborn (goodbye, sleep!).

I've tried to fill in some of what you mentioned for welcoming new members and propogating discussions, but I lack the free time to be a full-on "admin" or moderator in that regard. Put out a request for volunteers, maybee?

In the end, though, we'll love the site for what it is regardless.

I don't have a baby on the way... yet, but we're taking it more seriously now.

Work has me running in circles.  In the past four months, I've been hands on with our main corporate website, the 2014 Winter Olympics websites, Despicable Me 2, Tom Cruise's Oblivion, our new interactive Tech Grants website, and a website for the world's internet engineering consortium.

While this is inspiring for bringing some cutting edge features to Dieselpunks, it's also draining.  Around the holidays, I was putting in 14 hour days + 1.25 hours of commuting each way to get stuff done.  I've been rewarded for the effort, and I'm not complaining because it puts me in a really good position career-wise, but a man's gotta sleep if he wants to run at full speed.

The original design I posted earlier has been scrapped.  It was too glitzy and wouldn't give us the flexibility we really need.  I have a magazine-style layout planned, but it hasn't been executed into the design phase yet.  I'll post updates here as I progress.

As for radio stations, I have a few choices.  If anyone has any experience in this area, please contact me at tome@dieselpunks.org before I open my wallet.


   This is such a wonderful site and I love everything that you've done with it. I'm sure that any changes that you make will be just as awesome. I think that perhaps the issue of there being many faces seen but few voices being heard is simply because many of us have different views of what it is to be a Diesel Punk and also, primarily, we are all on different points of one great wave. I think that many of us Do interact, although maybe we do it quietly and at our own pace. I feel that we Do have that guy who welcomes people to the party and keeps it rolling; Larry is always there to welcome people and interact with everyone, whether it's about music, art, fashion, or anything else. We have the steady standards like Lord K and Jake Holman Jr., who I always know will have something interesting and awesome for me to see every time I log on.  We have folks who give us social commentary from perspectives that are under represented and folks who link us more broadly into other genres, amazing artists and builders, incredible photographers and tailors, even!

  I feel that rather than simply consuming, we constantly feed each other, even with actions as simple as sharing photos.  It's true that some of us have bigger spoons and some of us are hungrier than others but I think that we're each learning at our own pace and sharing when we can. I would like to contribute much more in the future than I have so far and I'd like to  make more of an effort to do so, somewhere in between the 42 other obligations I have every week. Some of us are more cerebral while some of us are more visceral, so we transmit and receive this wonderful world in our own special ways. I don't think that any of these issues divide us at all, though.     

   I'm not sure if I'm making sense but it seems that you're frustrated and I just wanted to say that while I can understand the desire to see your baby grow, you should still be very proud. What you and many others offer here is quite wonderful for so many people. We inspire each other and learn from each other on subjects that we just wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. -Thank you!   

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