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What's everyone up to on Sunday, July 25th?

I was thinking it's time we have another Swing to get to know one another a little better.

Swings are coordinated times on Dieselpunks when we're available to log in at the same time to chat, meet, and share ideas for the future of the site.  If you're free, leave a comment with your time zone and we'll pop the schedule later on this week.


[ 1 ] - Sunday Afternoon EST

[ 2 ] - Sunday Night EST

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Sounds great if I can spare the time.
I have no idea what i'll be doing, but if you people can agree on a timeline I can try my best to meet it
I'm on Eastern US timezone, and I'd love to be there, but we're driving back from vacation that day, so if it's later in the evening my time, I'll be able to make it.
Are we saying 2 PM EST? If so that works good for me.
Oh crap. I forgot all about this. This did happen?
I also wasn't able to attend. I was out of range of a computer :S
It was smaller than before, but we brought some new people up to speed.

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