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With no forum discussions for months, uploaded photos awaiting approval for more than a year, it seems dieselpunk.org is more or less dead. Hope, this is not a sign for a general decline of dieselpunk.


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I just signed up and not seeing anything here either.  Is there a better place to go?

I haven't been on much, but that's because the last few things I've posted basically got zero response. If not dead, it seems to be dying. That's unfortunate. This was a great resource.

 What part was a great resource?  Do you know where everyone went?

For some reason (maybe the limited viewing screens on smart phones) forums like this are being used much less lately. 

DP seems to be suffering from a secondary problem in that it has no coalesced into as definable a group as SteamPunk or reenactors.  If I fly to a con or SASS shoot I easily find dressed out SPs to hang out with but DPs not so much.  http://www.dieselpunks.org/forum/topics/what-would-you-really-like-...

I hate to say this but DP could use some more good movies like the rumored Doc Savage series or Rocketeer remake.   People just seem to imitate movies more than anything else. 

Yeah and I think most forums are getting eaten by reddit.

I agree with the movie take.  

I am writing a novel and was looking to join the community to answer questions and see what the fan base is like.  I might have to pivot the novel a bit if DP is too small of a niche.

Reddit?  I am feeling old now.  What exactly is reddit?

Maybe soon we will have VR conventions where you choose an anatomically improbably animated avatar.  No sewing, collecting antiques, firearms regulations, working out, etc...   ;-)

I see DP as just an addition to SP giving me an excuse to wear different clothes, buy more antiques, and maybe, just maybe justify a cool old car.  DP definitely has cooler cars than SP. 

Image result for doc savage car

We have a local DP author who has experienced some success.  His book series has been nicknamed "Fifty Shades of DieselPunk."  At least he found a niche.  He has specifically asked me not to read his books which is probably best. 

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