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Why was there never a doc savage serial?

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There were actually two Doc Savage serials.  One in 1934 that was rather short-lived, and another in 1943 based on the comic books.  They've both been lost to the ages.  The only surviving relics are the scripts, and even those are very rare.

Thanx! The comic book was awful :( ,but the pulps where great , would love to see '34 script ! I will look for it

You mean radio serials, right?  If there was a movie serial I missed it and would like to know more.  I bought copies of the radio episodes a while ago.  They are not bad but the radio drama looses something IMHO. 



Yes.  Radio serials.  To my knowledge, no cinema serials were ever produced.

Is it just me or have others noticed the parallels between Doc Savage and Buckaroo Bonsai? 

I just took it for granted that Buckaroo Bonzai was an attempt to update Doc Savage but just didn't quite hit the target mainstream audience that they were hoping for. 

This video is just too DP to not share and one of the reasons that I like this little machine pistol is that I feels that it is the closest real gun to Doc Savage's machine pistols.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Md5ALx226g  Enjoy and you might learn a new bad habit.  

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