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Greetings ALL,

It seems to me that there are a growing number of folks out there who have an interest in the ATOMIC AGE, yet darn near nowhere out there for them to call home. So I figured, What the heck. Let's take over the one town that nobody else would want yet also certainly symbolizes our interest in the Age of the Atom in which to build our own community. So, here it is all you Atompunks, Welcome to Doom Town! . . . Things might be a little raw right now at the start, but Hey!, the rent's cheap and the place even has that Special Glow about it! LOL

Keep It FUN!

Dan G  

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haha glow.

I would like to start with Paul Shaprea's new Atompunk Opera: The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness. Anyone hear it yet? I don't know, I feel it's not as strong as his previous work, but then again, he had little to work with besides synthesizers and a rock and roll ballad sound. I've only heard act 1 so far, so I still can't comment on it as a whole. Still, it's not bad at all, and that Intro is amazing! I think that intro should be the theme song to the official Atompunk website WHEN it comes out.

Also another thing to add is that Atompunk has a bunch of different flavors, much like Dieselpunk. So whenever someone needs to refresh their memory chips, just look at the list and I'll try my best to have them all(or at least most).

-Atomic energy: Everyone knows how this is. Green uranium(even though in real life its just a dense metal look) everywhere, the radioactive symbol, geiger counters, 

-Superheroes: This one is the big one. From Superman to Spiderman to Daredevil to any kind of common man turned super, the super heroes of the Golden and Silver Age will always stick true and will always be Atompunk.

-Raygun Gothic: This one is one of my favorites. Space Travel, bullet shaped rocket ships with landing fins, little green men in their flying saucers, Men in Black, anything involving the retro future of the 1950s and space travel and alien invasions.

-B-Movie Monsters: Radioactive giants, super powered bugs and critters ready to destroy the world, Aliens from another world landing here and killing by the millions. If you like B-Movies, you most certainly like Atompunk.

-Spy stories: 007. Enough said. Okay, a little more. Anything involving spies and secret lairs and crazy spy tech is definitely Atompunk(mostly considered Spypunk, but still, it's in this. Like Teslapunk with Steampunk).

-Rock n' Roll and Doo-Wop: Elvis, Bill Haley, Four Seasons, Frank Sinatra, all of the big boys. Songs that have been with us and still stick in our heads since the Golden Age like "I Only Have Eyes for You" by the flamingos or "Earth Angel" by the Penguins or anything Elvis covered. 

Las Vegas: I don't know why, but I felt that this was needed to be added. Maybe because Vegas kicked up in the 1950s, but I always feel an Atompunk feeling with it and with casinos. Maybe because on New Years in the casino I work in, they always have people dress up from the 1950s and they have music from that era playing. It fits, so, I think it fits here too.

Suburban living: Neighbors cutting the lawn, paper boy bikes by with the morning paper, milk man dropping by to bring the milk just in time for breakfast before the kids have to run off to school. Nothing safer than Suburban living. The local soda fountain where all the teens hang out and dance to the jukebox. The drive-in at night where all the "dangerous living" teens watch the latest B-Movie. Drive-in restaurants with roller skating waitress' delivering your food with a window side tray. Just look out for those leather jacket hooligans. They are a bad crowd and you know THOSE bad teens are around when you can smell cigarettes and booze ;)

Deep color movies: I think this is more of a "look" than an actual thing, but I love it. When a movie has deep colors that stand out, it is just like when techni-color was being used and was being tested. Every movie was soon filled with dresses and outfits and entire rooms full of beautiful colors that are amazing to look at. Much better than the "grey filter" they use nowadays. Blech.

Musicals: I love musicals, but only from the Golden Age. This is when such pictures as Singing in the Rain and West Side Story came out and made musicals a big thing. And Grease is just as good, simply because it takes place in the Golden Age. 

Red Scare: Anything involving Communism being a threat. That was the #1 fear in those days. Russia, China, even our own citizens. Did communism spread like a virus? Is our food being drugged with communism? How can you spot a communist? You can't! They're everywhere, they're invisible, and they're going to destroy the free world as we know it! The only thing worse than being a communist was being falsely accused, quickly taken to the police for being marked as a terrorist.

Post Apocalyptic: The main one. The world is one giant atomic wasteland with nothing living but the few survivors and the violence that continues. Don't venture out in the wasteland unless you want to be killed by man or the harsh elements or worse.

Uhh... that's all I can really think of at the moment. So gang, what is your favorite? What do you like? Any Atompunk titles that you wanna share or just mention that it's your favorite? 

Okay, I have been corrected on my opinion about the Atompunk Opera. I just hit Act 2 and it hit an amazing peak. The song The Deceit is now my favorite song from Paul. It sounds like a mix of Grease and Phantom of the Opera, which equals pure epicness.

ALL GOOD, Blacky! And all more than welcome in Doom Town = a Yahoo Group I set up just this morning as at least a temporary home for all wayward Atompunks. Give it a peek. (You won't even need your welder's goggles . . . Yet! LOL)

About the only thing I really see missing from your list are a few of my own favorite categories. =

The Nuclear Powered Military - From the Amazing to the Weird: Especially anything from the 'OMG! I Can't Believe Somebody Actually Thought That Would Work' files.

Concept Vehicles: From Nuclear powered vehicles to cars that would make George Jetson drool.

Atomic Age Architecture: From fantastic buildings designed to make G Jetson and B Rodgers feel right at home or even give folks the feeling that stopping for a burger and fries might also include a trip to the distant planets! - To Mom&Pop Do-It-Yourself backyard bomb shelters.

Nuclear Research & Development: They were doing more than just Blowing Holes out in the desert. 

The Conspiracies: From UFO Mania, to What was our government really doing in the Arctic and Antarctic, to What's that funny taste in my school lunch milk???

A LOT of fun and interesting stuff to explore in the Atomic Age, that's for sure! And it can all fit someplace in Doom Town !


Say... I was thinking. Since I'm making the World of Tomorrow Dieselpunk game, do you think I should also make an Atompunk one too? I could, I just don't know if there'll be enough people that want to play.

I haven't Gamed in decades so I'm probably not the best person to comment, but . . .  I LIKE IT! ;-)

Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn said:

Say... I was thinking. Since I'm making the World of Tomorrow Dieselpunk game, do you think I should also make an Atompunk one too? I could, I just don't know if there'll be enough people that want to play.

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