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Dr. Atomic - or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Machine


I'm Dr. Atomic! (Aka, David - but really, I prefer Dr!) I've long been fascinated by times other than my own. As a younger Doctor, my fascination lay with the future and the stars. I wanted to live forever to see what tomorrow would bring. Now, as a more senior fellow, my love shifts back to an earlier age.

To be honest, the discovery of 'Dieselpunk' this very weekend has been like a light going on. To be sure, I have had a more than passing interest in Steampunk - but it seemed always slightly other. I know there is steampunk and then there is steampunk - but it all seemed a bit Lovecraftian soft to me. My interest was far mor in the Guts and Glory attitude of the WW2, the men that built cities and ate their lunch on the girder hundreds of feet above the ground.

And, to be honest, Fallout3 reawakened in me a desire for the times of the 40's through the music. Finally, here was a soundtrack for my life. So much so that I subscribed to satellite radio just to be able to listen to the 40's whenever I wanted to. Film noir showed me what it was to be strong in the face of bleakness and how the undercurrent of sexuality could be empowering rather than overwhelming.

So, here I am. A novice. Tabula Rasa in dieselpunkery. But I think far more than modernity with its transcience in everything from toasters to truth, and more than Cthulhu-esque escapism, dieselpunk is going to offer me the place to stand where possibility ran out ahead of us, government was about the people and not stardom, mom, apple-pie and patriotism was as much a part of life as diners, street-cars, and Maltese Falcons.

What is Dieselpunk exactly? I'm not sure... I don't believe it is monolithic, but rather more heliocentric. It's a variety of moons that wander around a central star that you can't quite look straight at - but you know when it's there alright.

Some comments were well made at the flying fortress and I can do no better than quote some of them here for how I am framing my understanding of DP, and I can only strongly urge everyone to read and be familiar with the post there.

Like one of the commenters there, my interest is far more in a modification of reality than a complete fantasy, so I guess I am a dieseltronic decopunk.

I really hope we can build community here and do great things to encourage each other in exploring the era and realizing the potential it holds for us in our own lives.

The Doctor.

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Well said, and very well received, Dr. Atomic.

Welcome home.

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