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The Duchess of Hamilton, a streamlined locomotive from the late 1930s, housed at the National Railway Museum in York, UK. (http://www.nrm.org.uk/)

More about the Duchess (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMS_Princess_Coronation_Class_6229_Duc...)

It is a steam-machine and a streamlining beauty.

(This was one of my favorite days in York. Highly recommend a visit)










The last two photos are historical photos from a display at the museum, which reads:

Streamlined Scot Cracks America

"The largest structure at the 1939 World’s Fair was the Railroads exhibit. Here the most modern American locomotives were displayed alongside their premier international counterparts. Britain’s railways were represented by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway’s new streamlined locomotive 6229 Duchess of Hamilton and its brand new train."

"Prior to its display, Duchess of Hamilton toured fourteen States with the official promotion train for the Fair. Though small by American standards, the train thrilled visitors with its stunning paintwork and luxurious internal decoration in Washington, Pennsylvania, over 25,000 people crowded round the station to watch ‘Britain’s crack express’ steam past."

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One Very Graceful looking Lady!

Thanks for sharing!

Very cool. I love this type of train. It speaks to me of the very essence of dieselpunk. 

I saw a bit on the Flying Yankee, also a streamlined train from the 30s on PBS this weekend (a show called Tracks Ahead).  http://www.flyingyankee.com/index.html



Hexidecima ~

I enjoyed watching the site's video on the restoration and historic footage of the Flying Yankee (diesel).

Looks like it is owned by the state of New Hampshire and once restoration is completed, it will be a running tourist attraction based out of Lincoln, New Hampshire to the state capital, Concord.

I'll have to keep an eye on this project and plan a trip.


yep, defnitely want to go ride the Yankee and preferably do it in period garb. :)

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