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I'm woring on a flanker to my novel, and it's going to be a serial/possible novella. I should probably already know this, but I really don't have much time online these days. Does anyone know of dieselpunk-friendly e-zines who might be willing to take on a secondary-world serial? I seem to recall someone on here considering starting their own, but I can't find the post. Dieselpunk is such a hard sell sometimes, and I've learned that at this stage in the game, targeting a niche audience is the only way it's going to be accepted. The short fiction world is touuuuughhhhhh.

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Oh, I wish you had a contacted us a long time ago about this. An independent publishing house, Twit Publishing, is in the final stages of released an anthology of Dieselpunk short stories.

Maybe try Asimov's Science Fiction.

El Investigator, or depending on your publishing schedule, The Gatehouse.

Then again, we have room here as well.  If you want to try a monthly or bi-monthly series, I can show you the ropes on using Dieselpunks.

Thanks! Part of my difficulty is that my stuff is still heavily rooted in fantasy, so that's why I never considered something like Asimov and so on.

I'm not looking to make anything off this serial, but to just garner interest in my novel and get this story out of my system. So I was looking for a fanzine or something with a lot of dieselpunk readers. Maybe Dieselpunks is a good place for that purpose?

Maybe.  We've hosted over 54,000+ unique visitors this month so far, and considering we're a niche audience within a specific sub-genre, you might find that we're the target audience you're looking for.  ;-)

Heh. I have a nasty habit of overlooking the obvious sometimes. I think this would be the perfect place for it. I'm a bit nervous about releasing stuff that hasn't passed through the publishing process like my novel, but maybe I'll just have to workshop this project. Which I hate doing.

Anyway, yes, I'd be grateful for help with using Dieselpunks for this!

First thing I would do is hook up with the Authors & Storytellers group (http://www.dieselpunks.org/group/authors).  A lot of people there are self-published and/or make a living based on their writing.  They're very excited to find new blood, and are very generous with their help and experience.

Cool, thanks!

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