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I'm posting this right now for the soul reason that I was looking at all the great conventions out there and the first thought that popped into my head is "Why the truck are all the great conventions on the West Coast!?!?" So to remedy this, my question is as follows:


Does anyone have any idea if their are any swingin' cons on the East Coast that one could go to? Preferably something like steam punk cons, or even really good comic cons. The reason I'm asking this is no way on earth do I just have the money to toss about for airplane fares......A train, however, is doable.

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Other than The Steampunk World's Fair last month, the next gigantic gathering of *punks I can think of is Dragon-Con in Atlanta.

If you're looking for a one day event, Dorian's Parlor in Philadelphia is monthly and gets between 250 - 400 attendees.

Huh, thanks for the heads-up! Dragon con sounds like a fun goal for the future, but for something more attainable at the moment I may try to hit Dorian's Parlor!

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