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In today's modern world we're forced to see the perspective of popular opinion. We're fed convenient tips and mass opinions to such a point that even if we do not agree with or follow them, we still feel self conscious over these opinions. Which is funny because every technological, scientific, spiritual, even breakthrough from self awareness we have ever encountered and now embrace took time to discover and introduce to the world. Take into mind the extreme changes over the past hundred or so years alone as example to these statements. And yet somehow there still seems to be forms of alienation against so many new revolutionary ideas that in their own way benefit humanity.

I see Dieselpunk, and Steampunk as entirely beneficial to society as a whole. For one they boost economy ( Think about the modder's, and the products that can be produced, recycling old and vintage clothes while gaining revenue, the new genre of film and video games, and specialty stores.), then there's the benefit to the environment ( just think about how many cool gizmo's and gadget's you've seen that were recycled from miscellaneous stuff that were just laying around.), finally (And one I see as VERY important!) would you rather find out your kid is spending his weekly allowance on pot, or a new pocket watch and some matching cuffs?

As well as a benefit to society, it's also a benefit to the overall mentality of society. Since man has walked this earth we have always found a creative outlet to express ourselves. From cavemen telling amazing stories through cave paintings, to the barbaric sports of the roman empire, to philosophy. Mankind has always discovered new and exciting ways to discover self awareness and express themselves and as a result escape the compressing obligations of reality for just a moment. With this in mind we can look at the mental evolution of society.

We are now more creative and expressive than ever. Practically everything we do has a creative spin on it. Think about this the next time you go shopping, and see the colorful and crafty designer labels on all the products you buy. We have became so expressive that even very basic designs are an expression of the beauty of simplicity. So is it really that far fetched to consider Diesel Punk, and things alike as a social norm?

I admit this post may seem a little pointless to some reader's, but those readers are the lucky few that have already reprogrammed themselves. I am writing this post for those who may seem shy or embarrassed to simply be who they are, which in this case there are plenty of.

It's simple. Don't be shy because people around you may see it as strange, because the things we all do on a day-to-day basis are completely strange, we've just adapted to them. So when you think about it, anyone who looks at you as strange or abnormal because of what you do or wear is completely hypocritical because everything they do and wear and live by is just as abnormal as everyone else's outlets.

This is why I decided to label this entry as "Escape". Because sometimes we just need to escape from the mass logic we were born into and programmed with.

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There are no "DP Standards". The Punk in dieselpunk means you do your own thing. Keep on swinging!

Rusty Andrew Gere said:

Hehe I like it. It may not be  necessarily true to the  "DP Standards." But I could never 100% follow the line of anything to begin with lol.

LOL Well, all walks of the earth unfortunately have the "snoots" you dig? Someone who wants to say "Excuse me  but those goggles do not have brushed steel framers, ergo it's not dieselpunk". Those are the ones who dictate "DP Standards" in my eyes. Glad to see you're not  one  of them and for that I give you an imaginary high five.





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