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Fall is finally making an appearance here in the Dieselpunk-topia, and while some of us are still smoldering from the crushing heat wave, there's a cool breeze fanning our sails and inspiring us to create once again with the assurance that whatever we build won't immediately melt.

The Athena Exhibition has been nicely received for its first test flights. We (my robot minions and I) are still shaking her down and tweaking her mechanicals, but she's ready...now it's time to put her into service. I've made a few changes to how the Expo works, so if you're interested in participating (and we all hope you are--share your work with us (the robot minions often complain of boredom when not amused with either shiny objects, axle grease, or works of art and literature)!), please keep reading.

I'm posting the Fall Timetable right below. If you find that a month is too short for you to create, then allow me to provide you with a little extra time with which to court your muse.

How the Exhibition Works

Each Expo features a specific theme related to the Dieselpunk ethos and aesthetic. Create your masterworks of art, fiction, nonfiction, photography or other media (we welcome music, film, cosplay, video--anything you can display on a computer in some way!) for that theme.

Be a Part of It All

  • Send your entry on to me at athenaprimeATgmailDOTcom.
  • In your subject line, put "Dieselpunks Expo" and the name of the theme.
  • Make sure to include your Dieselpunks site name so I can tag you accurately.
  • To cover all our bases, send me a PM through dieselpunks.org to let me know you've emailed me with an entry (in the past, my spamcatcher has been overly zealous).
  • Multiple entries are welcome! Collaborations are welcome!

I will post all the Expo entries at once on the last day of the month for that Expo's theme. You may send me entries at any time until the last day of the theme's month.

Exhibition Themes

For the next three months, here are some themes to whet your creative appetite:

October: The Big City - in honor of the limited screenings of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, let's celebrate that icon of Diesel era prosperity, the Big City.

November: Welcome To The Machine - Of course, no great run of prosperity comes without the work that makes it happen, and to the Diesel era, that meant machines--great, huge, oily, wondrous machines, ushering in a new age of...what? Is it progress, or will our humanity be ground into dust in the same gears and cogs that elevate us?

December: The Gathering - Nothing says decadence--or Deco-dence--like a party! The theme is festive, and even the cogs of the great machine need a little down time for re-oiling. Bonus points for you if you've actually hosted a Dieselpunk party--or want to share tips on doing so. Show us how the wild dames and swing cats get down!

As always, post any questions you might have here in the thread and I will answer them.

Let's make something!

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When is the next submission to be announced? x
Athena should be rolling out the new schedule pretty soon.  She's a full-time mom treating a housefull of sick kids right now, but I'll check in and see what's going on.

Dr. Carmilla said:
When is the next submission to be announced? x

Ahaha! So glad you asked. Even now, my evil robot minions are sifting through all sorts of disturbing and bizarre topics to present to you, the creative geniuses here at Dieselpunks. And I am finally making good on my threat to issue a topic of sock garters for men (after a fashion).


It is the time to be very very afraid...

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