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So here I am, I now live in Thomaston CT, the burgeoning steampunk town of Connecticut. We made the biggest clock in the world here (more than twice the size of Big Ben's!)

But I wonder, what is some diesel fall fashion? I have some winter fashion, though much of it is left over Marvel Noir cosplay pieces.

But Autumn is my favorite season! The smells! The colors! The visuals!

What would go with that?

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a nice trench coat.  A sharp wool suit (then you wouldn't necessarily need the coat) and it's finally cool enough to wear hats comfortably.....  seems you have the sweater and hat already as Noir Spidey :) 

Autumn is also my absolute favorite season. 

Time to put away the straw hats and break out the felts! 

So this is what I did. The webcam doesn't take great pictures.
I took your advice Hexi, and used my Spider-Man sweater, I was going to use the black vest as well, but I felt the brown one would be better.

I stepped outside, and mildly (not completely, because I didn't take it off) regretted it however, as it was 85 degrees out. But it's okay, because I enjoyed how I looked. I threw on my Donegal Ireland tweed to keep the sun from my face, and enjoyed a walk

the look strikes me as "french resistance" for some reason :)

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