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We  will be driving from Goodwood, Untied Kingdom to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in july 2014.  We are going to take a Fiat Punto 1.2, we want to give it a steampunk edge.

Just need some help in designs, ideas.

I thought this would be one of the best forums to do this in.

 If someone has some ideas thats great, I have seen various examples of artists impressions, 
and actual vehicles. 

Get back to me that would be great, Chas and I are new to steampunk.

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I have taken some time, but here I leave this monstrosity, it's just an idea, a possible trend, which can alter and change the gust of each. You can conpare the model original (right) with the modificate  one (left)



I like the ideas, keep them coming.  It maybe a monstrosity, but is it a possibility   We need to get it through the MOT system over here (United Kingdom) each year.  I feel we need to some more head scratching and tinkering.

It is not going to be a picture like the Camaro but a real life vehicle.  

Steampunk?  That'll be a bit of a challange as you'd need to "de-streamline" in somewhat with more vertical lines and flat glass.  I'd look at steam train and carriage designs and go from there.  Ornate metal trim, black leather with brass rivets, laquored wood, brass hooded lantern lights, maybe some wooden spoke hubcaps to simulate old wheels.  Perhaps fake smoke stacks and a false "boiler tank" as storage.Then the real hard part is making sure it'll all stand up to Central Asian roads!

Thanks for your reply.... Cap'n Tony.... We sure are doing this in the near future.  21 months to go, so all steam ahead.  I think the wooden hubcaps is a must.  We certainly will be doing some changes to the interior, with wood, leather....

I quite like the idea of fake smoke stacks.


Not a problem. Please post pics!

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