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If you like posting on YouTwitFace or one of the million other social networks on the webs, then you're in luck!  In an attempt to get us one step closer to the singularity, I'm working on a way to post to Twitter and Flickr directly from Dieselpunks.  Stay tuned for details.

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You can now update your Twitter page from Dieselpunks in two ways.

#1 - To share a news story or forum post, click on the "Twitter" icon at the bottom-left of your post. You can also share that page via Facebook, MySpace, Digg, and the other popular social networks by clicking the "Share" button.

#2 - To update your Twitter status directly from Dieselpunks, click on the "My Page" button via the top navigation. Once you're on your "My Page," enter your Twitter text in the "Update" area and click the big UPDATE button. Don't forget to check the Twitter icon located below the "Update" to post your update on Dieselpunks and Twitter!
How to integrate a Flickr photo album with Dieselpunks.

Click Photos > My Photos > +Add Photos

On the lower-left, there is a new option labeled "Add photos from Flickr." Click it.

Once you're attached to Flickr, you'll be able to automatically import your Flickr photos into Dieselpunks. This option is helpful if you already have a pre-existing dieselpunk or steampunk gallery on Flickr that you would like to share on Dieselpunks. You'll have the option to import all of your photos and descriptions, or only some of your photos as filtered by date or tag. Whichever you'd like.

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