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For the Film-Makers (and Evil Mad Scientists) amongst us...

Always wanted your own Death Ray to threaten the world with unless they aceed to your evil demands?  Hell who amongst us can honestly say 'No!' to that...?? Huh???


Whether you're a film maker in need of some cool props or you just want the ULTIMATE conversation piece in your lounge room (I'd like to mount MY Home made Death Ray on the verandah with a sign saying "Forget the Dog... BEWARE OF THE DEATH RAY!") there's a wealth of easy (and CHEAP) "How to" info to be had at collection of short vids on YouTube called BACKYARD FX


There HAS to be something here that will tickle your fancy... Not only is there the obligatory Light Sabre and Star Trek transporter effects but with 707 'How To' vids to choose from including ... making your own budget conscious (less than $50) Mad Scientist's Death Ray (believe me that is one cool prop made from junk!),  Retro ray Gun Side Arms and even how to build your own Tommy Gun Prop .... You'd be hard pressed not to find something that will set off your duds (or p'haps even $ell) at the next Steamer/Diesel Con...




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