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While I am new to this forum, I have been forum role playing for quite a while. I was hoping to find enough interest in starting a new role play set in a mythical north east American city. In the style of 30s/40s NYC .

While I would start with a general plot line it would by no means have to be the only plotline. Plenty of room for many stories to be told.

If I can find enough interest Ill go on and make the first post as Joey Nickels P.I. Every one is welcome to join in and get as involved as you like.

I will also post this message in, the game group


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My contribution may be sporadic, but I'm interested.
I'm definitely interested too, although I don't have much experience with play-by-post roleplaying.

 A good start!

With one or two more players at the least we should have the makings of a good rp.

Cap'n Tony, "sporadic" is fine too. An, "I am just passing through" side plot adds a lot of color .

Get as involved as you like.

The first step for anyone interested in joining in is to come up with a character to play. With a little back story to go along with it. Joey Nickels has a brief bio on my profile page if you need a hint. Once we have characters Ill post an opening with a possible direction the story can go. { Its written and ready to post}

Depending on how characters interact will shape what the overall major storyline will be. I am sure it will be great fun!

Tomb Wilson has offered to help out with the city setting. I am really looking forward to his input. I was not sure from his post if  he was up for playing or not?

 With luck we can start in the next day or two!


I don't know how involved I can be while running the rest of the site, but I'm certainly going to support you guys if this is what you want to do.

Link for some 1930s 1940s role-players material. “ Dirty 30s!”

I haven’t looked it all over but from my first glance it looks like it has some good stuff.



I'm interested!


How realistic is this setting? How Pulpish?  Are we combating the depression? Are we fighting nazis? As I invent my primary character, I need to know more about his surroundings.

Well I don’t see superheroes but a larger then life type such as Doc Savage type would not be out of the question. As to what will be doing.

Add what ever you like, Germans, commies what ever you write into it. It’s a group effort, I will go on and post the opener to it. Don’t feel that this has to be the center of the story line if it merely becomes a subplot to some thing bigger that’s fine by me too. So, just to get the ball rolling….




   It was just before two o’clock in the morning and Joey was sitting at the bar in The Oasis Club. For Joey it was his favorite time of the night to be in the club. The musicians were at their best, and most of the patrons were just relaxing enjoying the last moments of a great evening. Joey was himself relaxing as the waiter cleared the mortal remains of a porterhouse steak that he had just polished off.

He sipped his brandy and from his spot at the corner of the bar he could keep his gaze on that new singer Tony hired. The smooth brandy and Gwendolyn’s full red hair and green satin dress was enough to keep him in place for the moment. That dress, it clung to Gwendolyn’s curves like, like, Joey and every man in this joint wanted to.

Joey had just made the decision to go on and break the ice with this angel and see if she would let him walk her home when she finished her set. If he played his cards right, maybe she would invite him in when he got her home. Then he could,,,

“Mr. Nickels! I am sorry to disturb you Sir”

Joey snapped out of the little daydream he was enjoying to see the busboy. Tommy, something? Standing next to him, looking like he had seen a ghost.

“Sir,, Mr. Solano asked to see you its,, important, something’s happened.”

Taking one last look at his dream Joey stood up and tossing off his drink.

“That’s ok kid, business before pleasure after all. What’s happened? Hay! Tommy!”

Joey saw the busboy moving quickly towards the back of the club. When Joey got to the alcove were the restrooms are Tony was blocking the entrance to the bathrooms. He was tactfully apologizing to one of his guests about him having to use the bathroom in the kitchen and ordering Tommy to show the guest the way.

Joey had known Tony Solano all his life, even before Tony opened the club. Tony and Joeys Uncle had been partners for years before Joey was even born. So he knew by the look on his face the something what ever it was had to be very bad.

“Joey, your not going to believe this, take a look.” Joey walked to the bathroom door and opened it looking in.

What was left of two men was on the floor. It had to be a knife. A knife and a lot of hate because who ever did this made a point of doing it over and over an over again. If that was not enough, the killer made a point of spreading as much of it on the floor walls, and for Gods sake, the ceiling too!

Joey turned back to Tony.


“No not yet, Joey the one by the sink had this in his billfold.”

Tony handed him a sticky wallet and Joey opened it. His eyes going wide, he quickly looked back in to the bloody bathroom.

“You cant be sure its him, I mean look at them.”

“Joey it is him. I saw him come in the club a few hours ago. Jesu! What the hell am I gona do!”

Joey shut the door and pulled his friend aside.

“ Not panic for a start! Look, go offer everyone free champagne.”

What! Are you crazy! Did you see,,”

“Tony listen to me someone must have seen something we cant let anyone out of the club in till we ask some questions. Offer free champagne then lock all the exits and call the cops. We sure as hell cant hide this. Better if we don’t. Go on Ill be right behind you.”

Tony left to return to the club. Joey heard the cheer the crowd let out for the free booze. He looked back at the wallet in his hands. The name in the fine leather billfold was Palo Malatesta. The son of Carlo Malatesta, the head of the Malatesta crime family. One of the five families that controlled the Cities underworld. Yea, this was going to be trouble lots of it.

His hands moved gently, sliding, only the slightest touch with his fingertips enough to make her rock gently in his hands. He pulled and twisted gently with his left hand, urging her fowrard with his right and her soft moan raised up to a gleeful roar as he guided her towards the waiting lights. She was a big girl, big but sleek, classy, the tops. And at the moment she was all his, Bud being back in the lounge. He rocked her down and to the left, aiming her proud nose towards the lights below. Gently, ever gently but always forward, the two of them as one mind and body with a million stars overhead.

Captain Tony Falco still couldn't believe she was his, even after all these months together. "Dolly", he called her, though in public she went be the name "Paradise Clipper", a classy name befitting her status as the premier flying boat of Transoceana Air Lines. Two decks, six roaring radial engines, 34 luxury staterooms, and a lounge/bar/dining room as spacious and luxurious as anything in any of Zeppelin's gas bags. Sikorsky's latest and greatest, silver and streamlined, whale maried with angel and given Prometheus' flame.

Tony looked towards Mac the radioman, who gave him a nod and dialed into the tower. Clearance to land in the harbor was given, glaslike waters, Coast Guard had cleared the landing plane, all ready to lay Dolly to rest at her home city. Satisfied, Tony picked up the mic and keyed it. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We're now on final approach to our destination where the local time is 9 pm, temperature is a cool 55, and we expect a smooth landing. We ask that you take a seat anyway. This is the final destination for Transoceanic's Paradise Clipper, so we ask that all passengers be ready to depart by noon tomorrow. Porters will be on hand ready to assist." And I will be more than ready to hit the nightclubs, he thought to himself. Dolly was a hell of a gal, but twelve hours in the air was twelve hours in the air.

With final clearance given, he banked Dolly on a liesurely starboard turn and lined her up to where Trans-O's boats had set up the landing beacons in the harbor to mark out where to land. He kissed his hand, touched Dolly's yoke, and moved her forward for landing as the climbing lights of the city reached ever higher into the blackness of the night sky.

            William Martin turned up the collar of his leather jacket against the cold drizzle, as he trotted down the gangplank. After a week aboard the aging steamship, the mingled odors of fuel oil, truck exhaust, and the hint of garbage rising out of the water were a welcome change. Even a couple hours after midnight, the docks were still crowded, bustling with longshoremen offloading cargo onto the trucks which would carry it into the city.

            William hadn’t been in the States for quite a while, but he’d needed a timely exit from the Falangist-controlled Canary Islands, and it hadn’t hurt that the San Marco would take him home for the first time in five years. Hoisting his duffel, he headed towards the row of cargo trucks and, picking one at random, hopped on the running board and leaned through the passenger-side window.

            “Hey, Mac, you know of a decent hotel around here?”

            The driver turned his slab-sided face to look at William, and scratched his head through a hole in his watch cap. “It’s Terry.”

            William cocked his head. “What?”

            “Terry, not Mac. How much are you lookin’ to spend?”

            William shrugged in a way that seemed to indicate that he had money to spend but didn’t want to spend too much. Terry opened the door and stuck out his hand. “I know a place.”

            Terry dropped him off in front of a roughly cube shaped building with a sign designating it 'The Benson', which occupied a corner three blocks north of Chinatown. William reached across the lobby desk to shake the night clerk awake and was given a third floor corner room, overlooking the intersection. When the clerk had gone, he threw his jacket into the armchair in the corner and lit a cigarette, watching the lights of the city sparkle across the darkened canyons. William had been from South America to Mongolia, but there really was no other place like it. He exhaled a cloud of smoke which rose slowly towards the ceiling.

            “And it’s good to be back.”

Joey returned to the club and began asking questions, starting with the staff. By the time the police started to arrive he had put a few facts together. Clair, the cigarette girl had seen a men in a black shirt and white dinner jacket making towards the men’s room like he was on a mission. At just about the time Gwendolyn started her last set. Well that didn’t really mean anything, toss back enough drinks and it dose become a mission to get to the men’s room.

Then their was Otis, the doormen, a guy with no jacket pushed his way into a cab Otis had hailed for a young couple. Otis even remembered what destination the man gave the driver, the Hermitage building downtown. Joey returned to the restroom alcove and began looking for a place someone might stash a white dinner jacket, a white dinner jacket covered with blood. It only took Joey about five minuets to find it, in a corner was a bin for dirty table linens. Joey let stay were it was and went to find Tony. Tony was in conversation with detective Cunningham! Their must be a dozen or more detectives in this part of town but we get the one who is known to be up to his hips in the rackets.

Well Joey had a good start so he headed out the back door and out the alley to the next street. He jumped into a cab and headed to the Hermitage. It was just past two am so he didn’t really expect to find anything, but it was a start. What Joey did find was the street blocked off and the front of the building crawling with cops!

As least this time Joey saw a friendly face, a patrolmen, Davie Edwards. He was redirecting traffic away from the front of the building. Getting out of the cab Joey waved to his friend.

“Edwards! Its been a while how’s the home life.”

“ Not bad, How have you been Joey? What brings you downtown at this hour? You following a cheating husband? Edwards quipped.

“Nah, it was your Marin who hired me to keep an eye on you.”

“Hah! I have a face that keeps me from cheating and Marin lacks the money to hire you.”

“That’s for sure on an honest flatfoots pay, say what’s going on hear any way?”

“Some poor bastard jumped off the Hermitage building, landed on top of a parked car. Bit of a nasty mess, If you value your last meal I advise you move on.”

“I’m sure your right, but if its ok with you buddy I will just slip past for a look?”

“ I warned you, so don’t blame me”

“Thanks Ed, my best to Marin”

Joey walked up the street were the meat wagon boys had pulled what was left of the jumper off the roof of the car. Oddly enough the body was more intact then you would have expected having just taken a flight off the roof of a twenty story building. What caught Joeys eye was the black shirt the poor bastard had been dressed in.

Joey entered the Hermitage building, the lobby all black and white marble was cold and silent. The elevators all open and locked off for the night. So was the door to the stairs on both sides of the building.

So, how did he get to the roof? The sounds of voices made Joey move back and hide behind a marble pillar as three men came out of a side door Joey had passed when he came in. The sign on the door had said mail room.

Three well dressed men came out Joey recanized one of the men even before one of the other two said his name. Hell, anyone living within fifty miles of Titan knew Martin Davenport, one of the cities leading citizens and businessmen. He owned half the city and this building as Joey recalled. He had his main offices on the top floor. So why is he in the mailroom at two o’clock in the morning?

The three men had left out the doors on the other side of the building away from the mess in front. Joey walked up to the mailroom door and removed a small leather pouch from his coat. The lock on the door was harder to pick then it looked. When Joey opened the door he was surprised to see a small empty room with an elevator on the other side. The elevator was open and locked off. The button panel had two buttons Lobby and a second unmarked button.

On a hunch Joey returned to the Lobby and checked the directory on the wall. He then checked the public elevators, then left the building and crossed the street. Standing in front of a small sandwich shop he counted the floors of the Hermitage building. The elevators and the directory said twenty floors everyone knows the Hermitage building has twenty floors so why do I count twenty-one?

How and why do you hide a whole office building floor?

  "I missed it. I can't believe I missed it..." With faded canvas cap twisted in his rough hands, the implications of his delayed train sunk in.

  Tom Wills stood in front of the schedule board of Titan's central station with his stomach in his boots. Commuters in suits and travelers with trunks bustled past on all sides, uncaring. No one spared his despair a passing glance. The usually stimulation smells of soot and steam and travel were now flat and empty. They did nothing to buoy his spirits.

  He shoved his cap back on his head and started to wander the thoroughfare.

  After saving for over a year to make the trip, he had arrived too late for the train that would take him to Washington D.C. on schedule.  With the express line speeding towards the Capital, Tom was missing his job working on the Pennsylvania Railroad's mainline electrification project. No other train would be able to get him there in time to report for duty.

  Tom passed through the grand entrance of the station and into Titan proper. He was assaulted with more noise and color and life than he'd ever encountered before. This place was way bigger than his hometown of Ogden, Utah.

  Since he had come cross-country, it seemed a waste of his savings to buy another expensive ticket back. All the rail work had dried up back home, so maybe he had better chances out here anyway.

"Well, I guess I'm stuck then." He muttered to himself. "Wonder were a fellow can get a shower 'round here."

May I ask what's about this new group you started?

Tome Wilson said:
I don't know how involved I can be while running the rest of the site, but I'm certainly going to support you guys if this is what you want to do.

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