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I just heard about this show, and I was wondering if anyone has watched any/ all of it. The detective mystery during World War 2 aspect sounds interesting to me, but I was wondering how historically accurate it is.

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I have watched a chunk of the first series (like a lot of Brit tv shows, the episodes run longer than yankee viewers are normally used to, so it's sometimes hard to set aside waking hours to get many eps into it.  Like the character, the tone of the show is rather low-key.  Some could even say it's paced a little on the slow side.  But it's pretty well-crafted on the whole.  Actually looks very good.  (I tend to give quite a bit of modern Brit TV rather high marks in terms of their production value -- the days of smirking at the ticky-tackiness of "Upstairs Downstairs" back in the '70s are well behind them for most period stuff)

As far as period accuracy, there isn't anything thus far I've noted for glaring at me as incorrect, but I'm usually watching for the plot and characterizations more than anything.  The drama focuses primarily on the goings on at the home front, obviously, so it's not exactly easy to point out "That guy wasn't in charge of administration at the Ministry of Such-and-such at that time."  How many of us would even be aware?  All in all I give a thumbs up, if not with full-blown, over the top enthusiasm.  But that's with not even a full series under my belt.  Maybe as it continues it gets much more compelling.  Or it doesn't.

Greg made great points. I agree with everything he wrote with the addition that I've seen all seasons and loved each one. I highly recommend it.


Best show ever.

Wow, Scott thinks it's the best show ever. I guess I really do need to check it out!

Scott said:

Best show ever.

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