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Hi guys,

I was just rummaging through my room, cleaning up a bit here and there. Then I came across Gears of War, the original and the prequel. Then I figured: "Hey, doesn't this have some Dieselpunk elements as well?"
I started thinking:

Gears of War has a surreal, dark setting, as it takes place on a planet overrun (or rather: underrun)  with vicious enemies. 

When you look at the architecture, I'd think it's a kind of mix of Gothic and Art Deco elements.

The vehicles look kind of retro:

The Armadillo reminds me a bit of those long-bodied, six-wheeled luxury cars.

The COG Chopper uses advanced technology while retaining a 'retro' look.

Have I got a point here, or does this make no sense at all?

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In my opinion, it's halfway between Diesel and Bio.
Hadn't thought of it like that. Good point!
Which also describes Half-Life 2 rather well.

lord_k said:
In my opinion, it's halfway between Diesel and Bio.
Makes sense. The Renaissance style of the architecture in Gears is very retro as well, and the emphasis on fuel in the series reminisces of the Great Depression, if to an extreme. I do agree, however, that it's kind of between Diesel and Biopunk.

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