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Give me one example of what you consider to be dieselpunk

Topic for sharing:

List one example of what you consider to be dieselpunk. 

With your example, describe why you think it is dieselpunk.

This example can be real or conceptual, and can span any genre of art, craft, or entertainment.


For example, I believe the song A Tap Dancer's Dilemma by Diablo Swing Orchestra is dieselpunk.

It opens with a swing-beat drum solo that was used predominantly in the 1930's.  From there it progresses to the hook, which is performed on heavily distorted electric cellos.  Then it launches into an opening performed by a brass section, and accompanied by a jazz piano.

The lyrics are sung in a distorted "gospel barker" tone, and are accompanied by a female close harmony section (a style popularized by The Andrews Sisters during the '40s), the bridge is performed in a non-distorted, technical guitar style, normally heard in '30s jazz guitar, and the lyrics have a pseudo-gospel feeling to them (harkening back to the roots of jazz).

Together, all of these disparate styles are mixed together in a post-modern way with contemporary production techniques, and include modern instruments and playing styles. 

The end result is altogether modern in it's performance, but still includes elements and themes that were popular during the Interbellum, which is why I consider it to be dieselpunk.

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I just read the comic series Ferro City. It is a pulp noir Sci-fi series that is
1) contemporary in origin
2) has decodence - the visual (or audio) aesthetics of the diesel era
3) has punk - it has Sci-fi, and political debate about civil rights, so it attacks some cultural issues.

Larry said:

I didn't know who the artist was of this and I'm glad you posted it. I agree completely. I love his work.

Hayen Mill said:
I think this hovercraft by Lipatov from deviantart is very dieselpunk.

I think the art deco lines plus the obvious retro-futurist technology itself fits the common subjective definition of dieselpunk. The badass look of the driver starts to enter the realm of punk, especially since he looks like he mounted that beauty all by himself.

In actuality it's both diesel and atom punk. And I like  it and  thank  you  for  sharing!

A bit of a joke, but I MUST share this photo from Comic-con Moscow:

BEHOLD, the Red Padawan Yuri Pasholok:

He fits right in. Was he washing the windows on the Death Star?

I believe he was driving himself closer to AT-AT-34, 'cause he is wearing "battle dress" of red army tank crew:)

Tome Wilson said:

He fits right in. Was he washing the windows on the Death Star?

Sorry it has taken me so LONG to say THANK YOU LARRY!

Larry said:

Ed, you might find interesting a post I made to my blog about some Dieselpunk episodes on the original Trek series.

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