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I'm new in these parts...

What brought me here initially is the art. I'm 36, a graphic artist and animation student, absolutely in love with the eras Nouveau through Populuxe... but especially with Deco and Streamline, and as a love letter to what I feel was the greatest era of graphic and industrial design, I'm in the process of doing the worldbuilding for a Deco-Futurist alternate present. 

I fell in love with the era the hardest, however, while studying the history of animation and covering the "rubber hose" school of cartoon drawing.

That's what brought me. 

What's keeping me here is history, fashion and all of the men who wear hats.

That's all.

Nice to meet all of you!

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Hi Dreia! Great to have you with us! Take it from a man who wear hats. :)
I don't come from the land down under, nor do I dance the safety dance, but I am a man and I can certainly wear a hat.

Nice to meet you, Dreia.
Welcome, and a tip of the hat to you!

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