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I suppose I should probably introduce myself to dispel the aura of suspicion and mystery that can accumulate like dust on a desk if one isn't careful. 

I'm Kaleb, a high schooler from a small town in Midwest. The biggest appeal of dieselpunk, for me, is the aesthetic and style of it. Trench coats and fedoras, leather jackets and aviator's caps. I also love the sleek lines of the airplanes and cars. I'm also a big sci-fi/fantasy fan, so throw in some aliens and mad science, and I think it's awesome. I also like the more Realist view of life, not cyberpunk's grimness of a dystopian future, or steampunk's seeming optimism (Though I've seen darker steampunk too.) 

I'm a writer, so I'm working on a lot of novels and short stories. My main dieselpunk setting is an alternate history with more advnaced fligt technologies where the Axis won, except I thrown in an alien invasion to the whole rebels-fighting-Nazi-government part of it, and I'm considering extending it into a dieselpunk space opera type of story. 

I'll do a lot more lurking than posting or commenting, I suspect. 

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Welcome aboard!  Please stop by the Writer's Group to talk writing!

Thanka, cap'n!

I'll be sure to do that. 

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