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Hello, I just found this website and found that the era and culture strikes a chord with me.  So I joined and am having a blast doing research and coming up with clothing ideas.

A bit about myself, I live in Seattle, Washington and because of my researching my family history I've come to be intrigued in the Weimar era and its art, culture and music.  I also enjoy horror and the macabre worlds of Lovecraft and Poe.  In the Steampunk circles here I'm known as "The Whist Guy," because I teach the period card game Whist at SteamCon.

I look forward to getting to know you all and learning more about Diselpunk.  The photo I've attached is me and my girlfriend from my company holiday party last December.  Yeah, I look a little demented in the shot but it's the only one where we aren't being disgustingly cute for the camera. :)


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I instantly like you guys.



Welcome, Brendan!

Welcome aboard!

Thank you, Piper and Cap'n!

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