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Marvel Noir is a 2009-2010 Marvel Comicsalternative continuity combining elements of film noir and pulp fiction with the Marvel Universe.[1] The central premise of the mini-series replaces super powers with driven, noir-flavored characterization. For more information see here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_Noir

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Never been much of a Marvel fan, but I have heard of the series and seen some of the design work for it. Spiderman Noir was an especially interesting design. I've toyed w/the idea of seeing if the books are available electronically. I've also considered getting DC's Bombshells electronically; that's another series with a bit of a dieselpunk vibe (although not as dark as I've been lead to believe Marvel Noir is).

Are there actual Bombshell stories? I've just seen different alternate covers and figurines.

Yep, Atterton, there's a series based on the poster/figurine designs; there are (as I write this) 85 issues, all available as back issues or on Comixlolgy:


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