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Hey there, I'm new and currently working on a dieselpunk comic book.

I discovered this place a while ago but never got around to doing anything until now. I am currently working on two cyberpunk comics and on dieselpunk. Of course my definition of dieselpunk is different than this sites it would seem. I see dieselpunk being closer to cyberpunk...well actually I always write it as cyberpunk seen through a retro-futuristic filter. Like Blade Runner if it was dressed up like Flash Gordon or Lang's Metropolis. It's nice to be here, and I hope to make lots of new friends. :)

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Hey, welcome Velvet! I'd be interested in reading your comic, sounds like an interesting take on the subject.

PS. You're not too far from me, I'm down in Lancaster. :)
Hello there. Seams like your interpretation is not to different to my own. I actually prefer the term retro futurist. Building a brighter tomorrow with the asthetics of our illustrious forbears.
Dieselpunk can be cyberpunk seen through a retro-futuristic filter. That's how it started originally.

To make it really dieselpunk however, the setting needs to express the zeitgeist of the diesel era. You can even blend the two genres if you're really creative. See "A Detective Story" from The Animatrix as an example of blending dieselpunk with cyberpunk.
Yes indeed, I always maintain the diesel aesthetic. My comic is very alternate reality. My comic is set in 1935 so I'm even using the old slang from that period. It's nice to meet all of you. I hope to have something to submit to publishers soon. Even if someone else doesn't publish it I may self publish, and I'll let you know about how to get it.

Johnny, I try to go to Lancaster whenever I go to the mall, the Antelope Valley Mall is better than the one in Bakersfield.
We'll have to meet sometime then! :) Let me know next time you're coming down this way.
Sure thing, Johnny! It'll be fun. Maybe we could meet at the mall, and have lunch or dinner or something. :)
Your comic sounds very intresting I would really like to know more about it
Well it's set in 1935 Detroit. There was a revolution and the USA has been taken over and put under a totalitarian rule. My main character is a freedom fighter. I plan on making it look very art deco/Metropolis. Well, I plan on having my artist make it look that way anyway.
Hello Velvet, do you have any sort of sample of your artist's work we could look into?
Welcome, Velvet. Your work sounds great!
I'll join the chorus here...eager to see.

And blaque, another great act of thread necromancy!

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