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A Smithsonian.com article detailing a strange corner of Nazi history.



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Interesting!  Seeing Nazi rules for "proper" jazz is somehow both hilarious and disturbing. 

"Strictly prohibited is the use of instruments alien to the German spirit (so-called cowbells, flexatone, brushes, etc.) as well as all mutes which turn the noble sound of wind and brass instruments into a Jewish-Freemasonic yowl (so-called wa-wa, hat, etc.)"

I never thought I'd actually ever say this, but "More Cowbell!!" ;-)

I hadn't planned on the Cabaret making a stop in Nazi Germany, but as an irony addict I just might have to now.  Benny the Moose's Rome is already in the queue, so why not?

Hmmm...turns out the list of "music rules" is fictional from the 1960's.  Still funny, though.  And the true story is no less perverse anyway.


Yes, it seemed as though the Smithsonian author left a door open for the fictionality of those exact strictures--but in the Dieselpunk universe, those are viable!

The article really helped to remind me how radical of a project Jazz is.

That item really disappoints me considering that I consider the Smithsonian to be one of the few highly reputable sources on the Internet. I had cross posted this article to my group FB page but I've since removed it because of that.

Cap'n Tony said:

Hmmm...turns out the list of "music rules" is fictional from the 1960's.  Still funny, though.  And the true story is no less perverse anyway.



I know what you mean. The author is indeed a little squiggly with the facticity of the quote. Smithsonian magazine has vastly expanded their content online while simultaneously creating a whole new look and focus for the hard-print magazine. Some of it has been very good, other bits are clearly undergoing growing pains.

My suggestion would be to post to the original blog so that the editors understand where their fans are coming from.



Good idea, Aaron. Someone else had already called him out on it. I posted a comment to the blog asking the author to amend his post. Maybe others should do the same. If enough people put pressure on him then he might amend the article. Everyone makes a mistake. A reputable author does a retraction when it's discovered.

The author needs to understand the importance of accuracy. . Once a person get's a rep for being unreliable then it's a stain that never goes away. Especially on the Internet. In addition, being associated with an institution gives one a special responsibility to be very careful.

For anyone interested, I strongly recommend "Swing Tanzen Verboten." It's a 4-CD set from Proper Records in England. The music contains both swing music produced by the Nazi regime for propaganda purposes as well as swing music produced by small underground combos inside Nazi-held territory. There is also an 80 page book that comes with it that is very well researched and written. And no, it does not reprint this discredited list of rules.

Thanks, Populuxe.

That was an interesting movie. Good catch, Philip.

All I can say is, 'Oi gevalt...'

Thanks Lord K.

That's so Twilight Zone. Thanks, Lord K.

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