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Sadly the hollow earth base for the nazi flying saucers has yet to be uncovered.

It appears the base was on the dark side of the Moon, see Iron Sky.

Atterton said:

Sadly the hollow earth base for the nazi flying saucers has yet to be uncovered.

Lord K beat me to it.

The Moon has also been mentioned, but the idea of the hollow Earth is just a lot more interesting. I believe the Nazi's themselves talked about this.

Wouldn't it be interesting if they uncovered "something" there...

Well, they have discovered a flying saucer crashed in the Baltic Sea. Crashed saucer

Forget Indy.  Call Hellboy for this one.

The Hollow Earth and Thule legends are true Dieselpunk-fodder.

The Fortean Times have had some articles about Nazi UFO's, if anyone is interested here is one of them:

Nazi flying saucers

Hitler had all sorts of insane ideas and projects. Yes, in some bizarre way, Nazi Germany could still exist in Antarctica as New Swabia. Hitler wanted to actually colonize that place, but World War 2 put a hamper on his plans. I even heard rumors that he might have 'retired' over there after the war was over and that his death was faked. Interesting stuff, but unlikely... of course, it makes for a rivet setting.

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