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I've heard mixed reactions about the homepage jukebox, so now is your time to speak out.

Should it play when the website is loaded, or should it be paused until you hit the play button by yourself?

Let me know what you think.

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I vote no, let it be off until we press play.

Alternately, you might want to have that as an option in a person's profile, whether it plays automatically or not. (If that's possible...)
I agree with Jonny. I really don't like it when a site automatically comes on with music. One reason is I listen to a lot of streaming media or I might have my own playing. So I vote let it be off until we press play. But I would add it should be moved higher up in the page.
I have a mixed opinion on this one.

On one hand its absolutely amazing to show this website to someone else and they listen to the jukebox's music for the first time, which adds to the "atmosphere" of the website

But on the other hand, I find myself silencing the jukebox a bit too often whenever I go to this website. Mainly because I see a discussion, click on it and read it, and then head back towards the main page to see other discussions.

If i had the technological expertise, i'd programit so that the first time a person visits the homepage they are greeted with the song, but whenever those people roam around the website and then go back towards the main page, its stopped and ready for someone to click on the play button.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've decided to take it off the homepage until I'm done with the redesign.

For now, you can still click on the "Music" button to rock out with your clocks out.

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