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Hi people,

I've got a question. With the holidays around the corner, I've got a lot of (formal) parties coming up. While looking for a hat, I came across this beauty:

Water en filth-repellent, sturdy quality, for 49 euros.

My question: is this a good hat to wear with a rather neutral black suit? Personally I think it's lovely, but I might overlook something..

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I like it. Depending on the size though, you might get a better deal online. It looks like a trilby, which are super-common in the States these days.

If you can try it on first, and it fits, I say go for it!
You must try on hat....always try on a hat.

Unless it SUPER CHEAP and you already have one that kinda works for the niche.

Other than that lil rant...looks sharp.
Just got the hat in the mail today, it's a perfect fit:

I stuck a Joker card in there for fun.
Looks like a trilby, but made of felt not canvas as most "hipster" trilbys are these days. Anyway, looks good!

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