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I like the look of the 1930s and 40s, as I´d imagine do many people on here. It will probably never come back as a whole, but perhaps we can steer things in the right direction anyway. I was wondering if we could perhaps discover what it was that gave the 30s/40s that great look in clothes, architecture etc. Find out what the essence of the look really was, and try to recreate that going forward. I for one like the colour scheme, the way muted colours seems to have been rather common. Pastel colours was one of the big things that was wrong with the 80s. For the cars, I feel that having a hood that was long and flat, with a large grill in front gives a car a certain dignity. The clothes had a great combination of practicality, while being neither too prudish nor too whorish. However I´m not sure apart from that what it was that made them look as good as they did.

Does anyone have anyone thoughts? Is the first step just to unleash plastic-eating bacteria on the world?

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I'd agree to that. Add in "upward" for buildings. Even Fascist neoclassical structures tended towards vertical lines and size. Witness Speer's plans for Berlin/Germania.

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