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I'm not terribly young. I've seen music styles come and go. I remember when Swing was popular back in the 90's and I loved it. I haven't yet checked out the recommended bands that I've found here, but I do recognize a few and like them.

However, back in the late 70's early 80's I was Punk Rock which morphed into New Wave here in America. There is a musician that I have been following almost religiously since then: Gary Numan. You may know him as the guy that did Cars, but he has steadily worked since then. During the 90's he had a slow period, one that his most of fans despised. It actually loved it because it was a fusion of synth pop and the 30's-40's era. On several albums he assumed a character that we may recognize as being Dieselpunk. Check out this song, "1930's Rust"


Numan is definitely an acquired taste and one I have developed over decades, but if you give him an honest listen, I think you might agree that that period of his work could be classified as Dieselpunk. Check out the sidelinks at youtube if you like it or are curious, esp. those tracks from "I Assassin". I love this stuff!

Numan himself was an expert stunt/exhibition pilot of WWII planes until he got married and his wife made him quit after loosing too many pilot friends to the unfriendly skies. He also made a round the world trip, solo, in a Cessna, first to do so. Many of his tunes are inspired by flying such as "My Centurion" (about the wreck he had on his world flight). He's quite an interesting person. And GREAT in concert!

BTW He is still putting out music. His latest style is Industrial Goth or something like that, he has NEVER been easy to pin down. 

So, I'm asking, is the genre restricted to Swing? Or, do you think that the example that I Iinked to could be considered Dieselpunk, as well?

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Really great examples! The last seemed more Goth to me, but I really do understand what you are representing. Thank you, I need to give some more of their works a good listen. I especially liked Death in June.

I currently enjoy IBM-post Industrial-future pop music. Covenant, Assemblage 23 and FLA (Front Line Assembly) being a few bands I listen to regularly. I like the militaristic beats along with the melodic undertones like this one


and the dark, depressing vision of FLA, like this


Or this, one of the saddest songs that I've heard- like the violin touches


But, I like all music and often change up my preferences. Though, I do lean towards some vein of electronic music with a dreamy, melodic sound and good beat. I find a lot of what I like has a retro/dieslpunk feel- from my perspective.

Komissar Hass said:

yes, DI6 has rather great variety of genres implemented. in fact, they began as a post-punk band, as I see it, (kvlt songs like She Said Destroy and Heaven Street (their first record undert that name!) initially were totally post-punk, nevertheless the versions currently being performed are great as well), and moreover, Douglas P together with Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus began music career in a leftist punk-rock band "Crisis". Ok, [wikipedia mode off]

Now back to the general flow of the topic - possibly I was not looking thoroughly, but I really must mention two more extreme acts, that have absolutely dieselpunk'd image:

Hanzel Und Gretyl (americans more german than german):


(and check their site: http://www.hanzelundgretyl.com/index.php

and Cosa Nostra Klub (french martial-industrial-metal band)



A little harsh for my female self- try this :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYK8HE995Gw


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