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Has anyone considered a post system where one person starts off a discussion, then leaves the actions and such open ended, allowing others to post upon their story using fictional characters to have a novel or short story written by a community of people/characters. Sounds good, no? Or does this already exist, and I have proved my inherent n00b-tainted soul?

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If anyone's interested I'm just starting up "Part 2" and some of my players have left so there's slots open. I'm Geekhis Khan over there, so feel free to sign up and drop me a PM if you're interested.

Larry said:
That could be lot's of fun! I love the idea!

Cap'n Tony said:
Athenaprime said:

Also, Cap'n Tony--Parrotpunk? This, I've gotta see. Linkie, por favor? I confess that part of me is seriously hoping for Jimmy Buffet fanfic...

Not Jimmy Fan-fic per se, though definately inspired thereby:

Everyone goes to Bogie's - a Parrotpunk RP!

Silly little idea that began as part of a joke thread "Come up with the Wierdest Something-punk Genre". I submitted "Parrotpunk" as "The world according to Jimmy Buffet songs. Azure-watered island party paradises filled with clueless tourists sipping daiquiris...while in the shadows intrigue abounds and exotic danger is only a Grumman Goose hop to a pirate town on a lonely cay! Cowboys, pirates, smugglers, shady pilots and boat captains, femme fatals, and modern day warrior-bards blend with clever and industrious natives. Cargo cults clash with drug-runners. Sport Fishermen uncover cursed Aztec gold. And everyone follows the unspoken rule that at sunset conflicts get put on hold and all observe a moment of silence and self-reflection with a Cuban cigar and an overproof Jamaican rum."

I also call my summer Panama Hat and Cuban Shirt look "Parrotpunk".

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