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I enjoy that the chat has it's own page now. I'm trying to keep it open in a tab when I am at my computer.

Is there any chance there would there be a way to introduce a ping, or some other notification to those with the chat tab opened to indicate when someone has sent a message on it? I am not sure if there is one or not, there is no sound when I send a message so I am assuming I will not hear when when others do so. I have not had the chance to be on the tab while a message other than mine was sent. 

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The chat comes with a little notification bar that sticks to the bottom of the website, but since we have the Wibiya bar on the bottom already, the chat bar gets covered up.  I've been working on combining the chat widget with our Wibiya bar, but haven't found a good solution just yet.  As soon as it's in place, I'll make an announcement.

Alright. I had that pop up once a few days ago actually. Before I saw the chat on it's own tab. I was never able to get it back up after it was minimized, I didn't know it was the notification.

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