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I have been an aspiring writer for a few years now, and a few months ago, I started writting a Dieselpunk story.

The story's setting is a mix of Dieselpunk and Fantasy, similar to that of the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga/anime with airships of the kind found in Last Exile. 

Synopsis: Noah Warmatch's highly eccentric and long defunct father was a National War Hero for the Atlantean Federation. So, figuring he’s woven of the same cloth as his old man, Noah followed the same path. But his military career, which started relatively brilliantly, came to a screeching halt after a botched operation that resulted in the loss of many of his comrades' lives, including his best friend’s, and left him scared physically and totally ambitionless. Now, five years later, he can be found at a section of the Atlantean Armed Force's Pension Department, which he heads. And what's more, he seems content to occupy a post that most officers would consider as a sure career-killer.

However, there’s an old admiral that think Noah has sat on his desk chair long enough, because right now, the Federation 's naval forces are in turmoil. Conspicuously well equipped pirates are raiding their shipping and supply air-routes, and riding on their coattails are legions of smugglers who are operating virtually unchecked. There’s also various terrorists and rebel groups acting up, political unrest at home causing headaches, neighboring nations that are irked at Atlantea’s recent imperialis policies, and a three way war on the other side of the world that could very well one day spill to their shores.

And so, Noah's given an offer he simply can't afford to refuse, and his peaceful days of helping delivering pension checks, loafing and apple-pie eating are brought to a swift end. He's made captain of the Acheron, an aged, albeit impressive looking, rust bucket of an airship which looks like the offspring of a battleship and an aircraft carrier. He's given a crew which is composed of all the navy's rejects, misfits, oddballs, outcasts and unstable people. His mission? Fix up the Acheron, try to make the crazy crew he’s given work together, and patrol the large, mostly empty area where most of the pirates attacks and smuggling has been taking place. Should be easy, right?


So far, only one chapter is posted, but I'm almost finished with the second one. I'd love if you'd leave a commen.


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Welcome aboard, Marc-Andre!  Story sounds interesting and I'll check it out.  Be sure to stop by the Authors' Group to swap notes, tips, etc., and if you haven't already download your free copy of the Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase featuring four stories from members here (myself included).

Sounds like a pretty good set up. I'll be sure to read it when I can.


I've been in the process of writing my novel for some time, though I seem to be doing far more world building than actually writing the thing, which has been stuck on the 31K word mark for a long time. I want to get it done as quickly as I can, but at the same time, I want it done RIGHT. I just want it to be ready to publish it at a convention over here in Montreal in May. I wanted it done last May, but all the thoughts I had about building the world to bring it out would have taken too much time, especially my main characters, who're supposed to be odd-ball military renegades, which is not something I've done before and I want to get it right least I either make them too tame or too over the top.


At any rate, it's good to see another writer aboard.

I'm also glad to see another writer around, Salim. 

With my story, what I'm doing is basically writing a story that I'd like to read; in other words I'm writing this mostly for me, and if other people happen to read it and like it, jolly good! 

 I can relate about world-building, and wanting to make progress with the writing while at the same time maintaining consistency. If it weren't for my outlining of the story, I think I'd have written myself in a corner a dozen times by now because of this or that bit of info I didn't think of beforehand. 

So you're also writing a story about odd-ball military people. When you publish it, let me know, sounds like something I'd like to read. 

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