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Any illustrators out there looking for freelance? I'm working on a dieselpunk, weird western pulp and want illustrations for the website, cover image, wallpapers, etc.

Talk to me.

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Uh, yeah, but you probably want colour/digital. I've put some of my comics stuff up on this site.
I'd offer as well, not to sure if my style is too cartoony though - http://super-munkyboy.deviantart.com or http://flamingundeadmonkey.tumblr.com/

I'm definitely interested. I don't have any of my hand-done illustration on my coroflot site ( www.coroflot.com/jackhouser ), but I have a few steampunk logos from past and current projects that should give you an idea of my digital style. You can also look at things in my portfolio like the guitar custom shop catalog that shows you what I could do for wallpapers/web graphics. If you're also interested in seeing hand-done work, I can see what I can dig up and scan for you. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

I can endorse Houser as a competent artist and man of business.
I'm a freelance illustrator. I'm confident that I could create great Dieselpunk art and illustrations for you. You can see my work at www.freelancefridge.com and my drawing blog http://cartoonaday.blogspot.com/ Everything I do is ready for printing of any kind. I have been doing this type of work for 8 years and I have experience working in many different styles. I always give a quote before starting and can send a sketch for approval before creating the final. Email me through my website if you are interested! Thanks!
Thank you guys for the promp response! I posted here and and steampunk writers and artist guild and have been flooded with responses. Sorry if you don't here from me in the next few days. I'm working my way through the possible matches. If you don't here from me, please don't take it as a critique on the quality of your work. Everything I've seen so far has been very professional, even if not exactly what I'm looking for for this project. It is great to have the connections for later!
Change of plan, possibly. I would like to talk with some illustrators with graphic novel experience about taking the shorts that I have done (2 of them) plus the shorts that I will be doing (4 shorts a year) and working up digital graphic novels, splitting the royalties.

So this would require an agreement for four digital graphic novels done together in the next 12 months, then with the option to consider doing more.

In a penny, in a pound. Or so they say.

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