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I'm going to be at the Steampunk World's Fair in NJ this coming May and my lovely wife was asking how I plan to promote the website.

Granted, I'm going there to have fun, but it would be nice to to have something on hand that would remind people about the site after the event.

Other than standard business cards, I got to thinking about swag and what kind of things I would hold onto if it were handed to me at a convention.  Here's what I came up with:

  • Military dog tags
  • Pewter dress pins with the dieselpunks "gear" logo
  • 3" embroidered patches with the dieselpunks "gear" logo
  • Stickers with the dieselpunks "gear" logo and URL

The rough part is, these things aren't free and the maintaining the site already sucks about $150/month out of my wallet.  The last thing I want is a surplus of unmoved/unwanted swag when I could be putting that money into something better for the site.

So, here's the question.  If you seriously considered adding one of these things to your standard dieselpunk gear/wardrobe, which would you like the best?  Do you have any other totally obvious suggestions that I haven't listed?



  • Dog Tags: 3
  • Gear logo pin: 3
  • Art Deco logo pin: 5
  • Gear logo patches: 2
  • Stickers: 2
  • Cuff links: 1

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Yes, the printing company logo does end up on the back. . Not a bad promotional tool though..
Art deco Pin for me please. Cuff links and Tie pin would also be cool.:D
The last group i was working with came up with the window stickers, they arent that expensive, and if you can find the right person with trhe right equipment. it can be done pretty cheap.
patches are great, very inexpensive for you to have made, super fun and endless possibilities, namely they look great on laptop bags...
I like the distinction of the deco over the gear.
# How about Buttons with the dieselpunks "Art Deco" logo
# Stickers with the dieselpunks "Art Deco" logo and URL are always good.
# How about a tie tack?

I also vote for patches....although pins are awesome.( I'd prefer the non-deco logo)

As an aside...even though this discussion is about the best SWAG, if these items where available, I would spend some cheese to have them.
So would I.
Okay the geek in me is having a say.  Flash Drives, you can get them customized, have them pre-installed with a link to the page, and I don't know anyone who just throws a perfectly good flash drive away.  And I am so very late for this topic.  What won?  How did it Go?
To my knowledge, no swag has been produced yet. Flash drives would be expensive and might not be the best thing for a small community like DP. (Though, in the future it would be awesome to see that)
I just remember some local church had some made and when I asked they said it cost them less than $200 for 30,  512MB cross shaped drives.  Given I'm not sure what discounts and tax exemptions they get.
Art Deco pin. I'd wear it all over. What size is the pin? Could it work as a tie tack?
I like them all Tome, could even make a store on this website- I know I'd order some stuff

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