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It's taken me awhile to get up the nerve to post this. I have tried to find anything on this site that would give me some direction, but I haven't been able to. I see lots of work by lots of very talented people in many mediums- but none in jewelry.

I am a jewelry artist. Over many years, I have developed a style that I like to think of as Neo-Deco, Deco-dence or Dieselpunk. I like the whole feeling of streamlining and geometry. But, I don't use typical materials of the period- bakelite or the equivalent, lots of white metal, etc. I like the understated elegance of it. (And, I am at a loss for words to describe it more fully.)

Here is a link to a Scribd doc that I made that has most of my more Deco-ish pieces. If you are interested, here is my blog (I just posted the ipaper there, too.) My style is attracting a lot of fans and is unique to my field of work. Tell me what you think, does my work reflect a Dieselpunk sensibility? Or, is that just a dumb question?

Lots of people make Steampunk jewelry, but it has never really appealed to me and is, frankly, over done. I would like to be able to add something to the genre of Dieselpunk. That is why your opinions are important to me.

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Interesting stuff! Like the wire-work with the natural stones. This is actually stuff my wife (not a big jewelry person) would wear.

Do you do metal casting stuff too (like for making pins, medals, etc.)?

Thank you very much!! :) 

No, I don't do casting. I have stuck pretty much to what I do. I have a kiln though, left over from my glass blowing days and have thought about doing some molded/cast things, but with the price of metals these days- I stick to wire.

I hung back to see what the women would say, but I have to comment.  I love these pieces.  I typically roll my eyes when I hear someone say they're "a jewelry maker," but I'm really impressed with these pieces.

Art Deco jewelry can be pretty hard to pull off, especially if you remember the flood of junk that accompanied the early '80s Deco Revival.  However, you have a good eye for color and your craftsmanship is spot on.  

Keep it up.

Thank you, Tome! I'm especially glad that you are able to see it as Art Deco. I'm doing the happy dance. :)

Tela, being a lady (ahem) I really really like your work and definitely see a deco look to them. the second row, on the left one, is extremely deco to me, and i have much "want" for the second to the last row, on the right, which reminds me of soemthing a diesel-y superheroine would wear (strikes me as deco meets Egyptian).  Is that amber?

I do love the word "deco-dence" :)   You have some really lovely specimens.  I have my degree in geology, so I'm all "look at the lovelies"!  Took a jewelry making course in college but got rather annoyed with that when the grade depended on if the prof simply "liked" a piece or not. 

I have one big oval of blue goldstone that I would love in somthing other than a plain ol' bezel but I'll have to wait until the husband gets his next contract. In candlelight, it looks like I have a chunk of night sky around my neck.

Thank you, Hexi :) I'm a fanatic about my rocks! All those were great specimens of genuine stones, except for the Mojave turquoise which is assembled with natural stones (the first one) and the piece you were referring to as maybe amber. It is actually a piece of butterscotch jasper with a frame of borosilicate glass that I made when I was glassblowing. Of the few non natural stones that I like, blue goldstone is my favorite! It's my daughter's, too. I've made a few pieces for her. It really is like a starry night. Did you know that Italian monks make it? Pretty cool, huh?

I'm so glad you see the Deco inspiration and I thank you kindly for your input. :)

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