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I am working on a Hard Sci-Fi TV show with a friend of mine.
Guess which one I am...[Hint]  My name is not Stanley...lol.

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Mennnnn innnnn Spaaaaaaaaaaaace...
That looks cool! How thick does that shell shock stuff go on?

The shell shock stuff can go on pretty thick, if ya layer it.

We did a wood rib frame, with a canvas stretch and painted on the shell shock.

Kinda like building an airframe.

Our finished suits weigh in at around 55 pounds and survived repeatedly falling down a 15 foot slopped wall to a concrete floor.

All they got was dirty...which is a poor way to say 'distressed'.

I wore mine last weekend at C2E2..the Chicago version of Comic-Con.


You asked for it ya got it....there a couple shots of Orbiter MFDs in our release trailer.

We will be available to download on VODO 21 Feb 2012

Jonny B. Goode said:

Looking very good so far.

I think it might be kinda cool if you threw in an Orbiter MFD or two in a background shot, just as an easter egg? ;)

Oh yes it's a cool outfit for "Rosenmontag" in Germany.

Beam me up

Starting tomorrow, you can download the episode on VODO.net.

Link is here...

It is free, although you can make a donation towards continued production.

L5 is now free and easy...it's on the YouTube.


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