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So, hello there, folks! Introducting is not my piece of cake, if you know what I mean. I don't like doing it, because I, personally, wouldn't read such kind of stuff very often. However this particular website seems to be fitting me the best, so I just feel like taking a minute of your time :)

Where do I begin? A-ha! I come from Poland, and, I'm pretty sure, I'm one of few persons into dieselpunk in my region. I've been into it for longer than I'd ever suppose. Kinda. Because I've learned what dieselpunk is about half a year ago, and then I instantly fell in love with it. Before learning about the whole genere though, I was into 20's to 50's music, movies, literature as well as sci-fi, fantasy. And steampunk, of course. I heard about dieselpunk thanks to steampunk. Once I've discovered it I set sail towards my new future. Dieselpunk one, I mean :)

That's how I finally ended up in here. In a place, which is seemingly different from other forums all-around the Internet. I mean: you, guys are so nice, helpful and understending, especially for newbies: people like me. Therefore, if you don't mind, I'll try to accomodate myself within your society. 

Hope it'll be fun :)

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Welcome aboard, Bobby!

Hi Bobby, and welcome to Dieselpunks!

There are actually quite a few dieselpunks in Poland.  Your part of the world is quite the hotspot these days.  Perhaps you know these members who are also in your area > http://www.dieselpunks.org/profiles/members/?q=poland

By "hotspot" you're referring to political and religious tensions taking place in here, am I right?

Unfortunately, I don't know any of these members, as they live relatively far from my city. It is possible that in here I'm all alone.

You are not alone!  Even if there is no one else in your town, you are never alone.  Welcome!!

By hotspot, I mean a lot of creativity in the dieselpunk world.

Although, if you want to flip over a car while you're at it, be my guest :-)

@Docneg - Kind words of support. Thank you ^^

@Tome - Dieselpunk still needs preachers from outside of America. People, who would spread the word and tell people about diesel-powered science fiction. As for now it is still mostly American-focused culture. But I admit, especially in Russia, there appears to emerge a group with some big potential.

I'm not into flipping cars nor taking a part in riots, sorry :/p>

You should probably still get in contact with the other Polish group.  Perhaps you can meet up at a Convention or something. 

I was considering that one too. I'd like to start a dieselpunk movement here, in Poland, but I'm not so sure how to do it. I can't think of a way how to find people into this setting. The simpliest way seems to be via Facebook. I could create a group, promote it here and there but I'm not sure if that's a proper way. What do you think?

Seems like a good start to me.  Make friends from Poland or even neighboring countries here, make a Facebook group & promote it here and on other Dieselpunk & Steampunk sites, and set up some meet-and-greets at neutral locations or Conventions. Attend Steampunk events and spread the Diesel gospel (business cards for your FB page are a classy hand-out at such events).  Ask Larry about how he set up and managed his highly sucessful North Texas Dieselpunks for ideas.

Find the speakeasies. Talk to the owners. Advertise when you're going to be there and look for other like-minded people to attend as well. Make it a steady thing, like every third Friday, so people can plan their schedule ahead of time. Stick with it, and advertise advertise advertise. Don't expect people to be looking for you, but reward those who find you.

Do you mean actual speakeasies or maybe just some cafes or pubs? Cause I don't have any idea where I could find a speakeasie :D

But we do have a nice steampunk-ish cafe in a calm place in the center of the city. It would work for me, I suppose.

You would be surprised.  Speakeasies are getting to be pretty trendy here in the States.  Even if they're not 100% authentic, they usually try a little harder to be "retro" than a standard bar.  But, if you have have a cafe you like to frequent, and the owners are dieselpunk/steampunk friendly, then that's a good idea as well.

The key is to make sure everyone you bring in is comfortable.  That way, they keep coming back!

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