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So, hello there, folks! Introducting is not my piece of cake, if you know what I mean. I don't like doing it, because I, personally, wouldn't read such kind of stuff very often. However this particular website seems to be fitting me the best, so I just feel like taking a minute of your time :)

Where do I begin? A-ha! I come from Poland, and, I'm pretty sure, I'm one of few persons into dieselpunk in my region. I've been into it for longer than I'd ever suppose. Kinda. Because I've learned what dieselpunk is about half a year ago, and then I instantly fell in love with it. Before learning about the whole genere though, I was into 20's to 50's music, movies, literature as well as sci-fi, fantasy. And steampunk, of course. I heard about dieselpunk thanks to steampunk. Once I've discovered it I set sail towards my new future. Dieselpunk one, I mean :)

That's how I finally ended up in here. In a place, which is seemingly different from other forums all-around the Internet. I mean: you, guys are so nice, helpful and understending, especially for newbies: people like me. Therefore, if you don't mind, I'll try to accomodate myself within your society. 

Hope it'll be fun :)

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These might be a bit harder to find here though. I honestly even can't think of any friend who would visit such locals. Yet we do have "retro" bars. But these are generally mostly concentrated on the late 60s period, as Poland was back then People's Republic of Poland.

I think the one cafe I mentioned before would be the best choice.

Enough talking, I've got to finally do something. At first I'd create a facebook group and promote it everywhere I can.

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