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Dear ladies and gentlemen of dieselpunks.org, have I got some news for all of you!

Okay, first off I'm currently basking in an atomic bomb of WWII Sci-Fi nerdiness, so please pardon an overly excited air in this post, but anyway, I found something that I can imagine would pique quite a few interests on this website.

But let me preface it by saying this: If it were not for a lot of WWII themed things and Sci-Fi in general, how many of us would be here really? Be honest.

But I imagine that I'm turning this into another post so without any further ado, I give you the link and a poster to IRON SKY. It's a movie made by a Finnish movemaking troupe about Nazi remnants in 1945 who escaped to the dark side of the moon and subsequently settled it, now skip ahead to the year 2018, and they're coming back! The gadgets look choice, and best of all, they mangaed to blend comedy and space nazis together. Now enjoy the preview...


And here is a poster image:

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Interesting. If I weren't using my college's wifi, i'd watch the video.

Hey all y'all!

First of all, thanks for taking interest in our movie. Really warms the ol' heart when people are excited about what we've done. So... thanks. Really :)

Without further ado, the movie is completed! Iron Sky will premiere in less than two weeks in Berlin Film Festival (and yes, we appreciate the irony of getting to premiere our movie of Nazi invasion in none other than Berlin...). In April, the movie will launch in earnest -- the distribution rights have been sold to 30 countries, so odds are the scifi spectacle will appear in theaters near you :)

We'll soon release the official movie poster as well as the super official theatrical launch release hyper trailer (the link up there points to one of our teasers, but we have loads of other videos, too), but before you can feast your eyes on those babies, I recommend that those of you who are interested in the escapades of Moon Nazis check out Iron Sky's home page -- we got teasers, we got concept art, we got press photos, and we'll update it all in a week, too, to show even more.

Whew. Two weeks 'til premiere. Can't believe it has finally come to this ;)

Jori Virtanen, Iron Sky publicist

I (and I'm sure many other members on here) have been looking forward to this for a veeery long time now!

Glad to see it's finally complete, best of luck with the premiere and I hope to see it gracing a cinehouse near me (UK) very soon.

heres the official movie poster...can't wait to see it...


Argus is right, this movie has been on my radar for a few years now. While I'm glad that it's finally complete, I have a feeling that I won't actually have access to see it for quite some time.

Still, I'm very much looking forward to it!


Don't be so sure! The distribution rights have been sold to 30 countries already, and more are in the works. Even if that would fail to get the movie in theaters near you, there's always the DVD/BR option -- we'll release them both later this year, probably in late summer or early autumn.

So, regardless of how things turn out, it's only a matter of months now before you'll get to see the film :)


Yeah, Iron Sky will get UK distibution, probably in April :)

Oh, by the way, the official theatrical trailer will be released this Wednesday. If you don't mind, I'll post the link here when it's out in the open :)


Gee, Jori...I don't know... Posting that link here on a Dieselpunk forum sounds a little...you know....  LOL!

Jori Virtanen said:

...If you don't mind, I'll post the link here when it's out in the open :)


Mr Virtanen, I have also been looking forward to this movie for quite a while. I'm glad to hear it has now been finished. I hope you'll have a lot of success with it.



I am posting this on your behalf. Enjoy everyone!

really looking forword to the movie too
hope it comes out near me (US.)

can't wait. and I love how it spoofs that nitwit Palin. 

Can't wait... looks fun even if they poke fun at Palin.

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