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Is Sci-Fi and/or fantasy a requirement to call something Dieselpunk?

Hey there guys & gals!
We had a great discussion on the Diesel Powered Podcast about Sci-Fi and Fantasy in Dieselpunk. Boss Larry Amyett asked the question whether it is a required element of the genre?

We'd love to get your feedback! Take a listen to the episode and let us know what you think!


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I agree with Blacky in that it's time to wrap this up. Let me end with a new post on the subject of 'contemporary' in dieselpunk.

Dieselpunk: Building a Better Future

It seems to me that we have been answering different questions.

Is Sci-Fi and/or fantasy a requirement to call something Dieselpunk?

In my opinion, no.  This requirement would disqualify styles of expression that do not stretch into the sci-fi or fantasy genres, such as fashion (not costuming), engineering, music, and architecture.

What part does the word "contemporary" play in the definition of dieselpunk?

Contemporary, meaning "belonging to or occurring in the present time."  For example, if the work was created during the 1920s - 1940s, it would not qualify as dieselpunk, because it is qualified as source material.  To be dieselpunk, a work needs to be inspired by that era, not from it.

"...but Dieselpunks has a lot of pictures of things from the Jazz Age..."

The goal of Dieselpunks is to educate and inspire artists.  This being the case, much of our content is not dieselpunk.  It is source material to be used as inspiration to create new work in the dieselpunk style.

I guess if you go by that, atompunk and rockabilly are the same thing?

Different genre-punks define their genres using their own standards. Whether atompunk is the same as rockabilly, I would let those who call themselves 'atompunks' make that decision. I don't think it's up to dieselpunks to decide their genre for them.

Atterton said:

I guess if you go by that, atompunk and rockabilly are the same thing?

Do you mean the Rockabilly music subculture, which is original to the 1950s?

If so, then I believe modern interpretations of Rockabilly could fit within atompunk, but it doesn't define or limit atompunk.

Atterton said:

I guess if you go by that, atompunk and rockabilly are the same thing?

Well, rockabilly was just the nearest term I could think of that you'd understand. I was thinking of people like "raggare" as they have in Sweden.

I consider rockabilly in Atompunk as is electroswing in Dieselpunk. It's can still fit under the umbrella, but doesn't make the core. Still, atompunk is too small to really take a swing at it, but as a semi atompunk myself, I don't see why Atompunk wouldn't allow the music style from its era and source material.

Since we've kinda-sorta drifted into the Atompunk subject. . . . . Anybody know of any Atompunk ~> Discussion <~ groups??? (something even remotely like the Dieselpunks group would be fantastic!)  

Nope. Nothing. Only a few blogs are even remotly related to atompunk. I wanted to start an atompunk site of my own like this one, but its still in development.

I asked Tome, and he said to feel free and start Atompunk discussions whenever we like. Maybe then it'll build up into a real thing lol

Yeah, Blacky, that's what I've been finding. Even FaceBook only seems to have one Atompunk 'community' that allows somebody besides the owner to post to it. Even then, not much in the way of any kind of discussions going on in there. Darn little even 'Likes' or Two Word comments. Feels like walking through Doom Town. LOL

Tome is a great guy, but I wouldn't want to nuke off the diesel fumes here with too much Atomic chatter and whatnot. Personally, I'm more into the Late War to Early/Pre ICBM period so ~ I guess ~ (at least to my warped mind) that kinda-sorta puts me on the upstream transition Diesel Era side. Still . . . 

You start an Atompunk Discussion group anywhere and of any kind and I'll be the first to sign aboard! I even thought about at least trying to start one in Yahoo (love their links folders!), but I don't think folks go there much any more. = Doom Town <sigh> :-( 

I'll start a discussion in the forum and we'll make it bigger than a mushroom cloud!

How do you start a facebook thing like that? Is it the same as a normal facebook account? If so, I can start one and have it open for everyone to add stuff.

I didn't even know Yahoo HAD discussion things like that. Must have been the main hamgout before even myspace haha

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