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NEWARK, N.J. — Joe Kubert, a groundbreaking comic artist and educator, has died at 85.

Kubert, who co-created DC Comics' iconic Sgt. Rock character and Tor, and reinvigorated Hawkman, died Sunday, according to The Kubert School, which he founded in 1976 with his wife to train illustrators and artists.

Kubert is closely tied to war comics thanks to Sgt. Rock and his fabled Easy Company, along with the strip "Tales of the Green Beret." He worked on a manual for the U.S. Army on how to fix Humvees.

His work was also poignant. "Yossel April 19, 1943," explored the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in World War II and what his life would have been if his parents did not emigrate from Poland to the United States when he was a baby.

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I'm actually a graduate of his school where he was one of my instructors. Joe was a complicated person. I remember everything he taught me about life and art.


cut from the same piece of cloth as the gr8 Will Eisner ~

I'm sorry to hear that. I've read a lot of Sgt. Rock.... Or Sgt. Flint as he was renamed to in this part of the world.

JoeKubert. The Secret Lives of Joe Kubert

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