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I just saw that in Portland, Oregon a summer camp themed around the Hellboy comics is being arranged this summer. I wish they'd had something like this when I was younger. It's being described as a BPRD training camp, where you learn all the skills for battling the occult and surviving in the wilderness. It's good to know future generations will also know how to defend themselves against things on tresholds and whatnot.

Hellboy Summer Camp

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I'm a HUUUUGEEEE fan of Hellboy comics and BPRD!! I'm not a kid anymore but... Oregon, wait for me!!!

You saw that article too?  I almost wet myself when I saw it.  

Who wants to build a giant pneumatic cannon with me to shoot a few dozen bushels of toads and snake upon Portland?  That should give them a much more realistic BPRD experience.

I was looking into the organization. Unfortunately I cannot get hired. This would be so cool to be a part of.

Why couldn't you get hired? Was it due to having a criminal record or that you lacked the ability to control fire with your mind?

Or did you mean the organisation that arranged the summer camp?

Apparently you have to have experience working with kids to even get looked at by the camp organization. I'm fairly confident my BPRD letter is in the mail though.

Damn I live in Portland,OR & am a fan of Hellboy..I haven't heard of this till now. Must look into it.

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