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Well, I've heard about y'all over and over again, and I finally joined up.


I'm Abi. Some of you may be familiar with me from Brass Goggles, but Diesel has always been my true love. I came to it through a combination of Film Noir and a healthy dose of imagination.


I look forward to getting to know you all! 

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Welcome onboard, Abi.

If you like diesel and you like noir, then you're in the right spot, Abi.

How are things at BG these days?  I haven't stopped by in months.

I'd been gone for about 2 years myself until recently, but having returned, I've found a lot of the same good people, and much less of the young tourists who drove me away in the first place. We've had some new and interesting discussions as of late!
Welcome aboard...and welcome back, as it were.

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