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Evening folks!
I just discovered this page and I must say I like it very much!

Many of my friends do Steampunk, and while I think it's pretty cool, it was never for me. The term Dieselpunk was unknown to me a few weeks ago. Glad I looked around!

I'm currently working on a set of H3 Powered armour for an allied soldier in WWII. It's all aluminum and steel. So far, the helmet and shoulders are done. Aiming to show it off at a comic convention we have here in late October called C4.

Now, I'm not sure where I'd post progress photos of my build. Would it be appropriate in the 'Fashion' section? Because with all the gorgeous dames there, no one would want to look at my ugly mug! I mean, a fella could get doll dizzy there!
But, if that's the best place for them, that's where I'll put them.

Anywho, thanks for the place to meet other Diesel-heads!

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Hi Pedro,

Welcome to Dieselpunks!  I'm happy to hear that you like our site!

Feel free to add your photos right to the Interact forum.  That way, the photos will be seen by the largest crowd.



Can't wait to see the armor.

Welcome to where the square eggs and hep cats gather !

Thanks everyone!

And as for you Irina, I'd say from your photos that you're firmly in the "dollface" category. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

I had to take a break from the armour build due to living in a Viking village for 4 days straight, demonstrating metalworking for the public. Now that I'm back, my next step is finishing the back of the helmet, and the shoulders. Breastplate is next.
It'll be a long build, but the convention isn't until October so I have a bit of time between commissions.
As soon as the helmet is done and painted, I'll post a photo.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of that armor. Welcome !

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