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Looking for some articles/writers for El Investigador magazine #21

Hi everybody.

For those who don´t know me I'm the General Director of El Investigador Magazine, a monthly retrofuturistic e-zine in spanish.

Since March 2012 the team started with a dieselpunk themed issue every 2 months, so we have 4 dieselpunk issues (March, May, July and September) already launched. Even our number 4 "Pachucos" was translated to english language.

The next will be on November for our regular number 21, (number 5 dedicated to dieselpunk) wich will be a WWII topic, so we´re looking for people in the dieselpunk community to be part on it.

If anybody wants to participate with some article, pictures or illustration please contact me.

The articles will be translated to spanish and could be old ones or new as you prefer. 

You can find me via facebook or e-mail to negrotipo(at)gmail.com

Our deadline will be October 20th 

Thank you very much

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