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Has anyone else checked this out? Me and my wife have really enjoyed it on Netflix.

It's about a lady detective in 1920's Australia. Seems very well done to me, sets, cloths, cars, music with interesting characters and good stories.

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Truly an awesome series. Clever, cheeky, and an excellent period piece. I have sent my mother all the original novles and she has loved them.

It's a little fluffy for me, but my wife and friends love it.

Here's a photo of my friend Judy, who has been recreating all of Miss Fisher's outfits from the show.

First: those are some snazzy looks! Well done, Judy! (The second photo tickles me most with the hidden cell phone and the neck tattoo?)

Secondly: Yes, the show definitely gives homage to Christie's 'Tommy & Tuppence' style of mystery much of the time; HOWEVER, what has kept us coming back are some brilliant and often heart-rending moments of feminist and post-Great War insights that strike me a quite historically rooted.

If you're looking for something a little heavier, try Underbelly: Razor. It was Australia's answer to Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos.

Nice pics.

I'll check out Underbelly: Razor. Thanks for the tip.

I've seen the first nine episodes. Absolutely good time to be had!

I loved it and got my wife into it; she loved it even more than I did! Fingers crossed for another season....

Just seen a few episodes, but is a lot of fun.

I love Miss Fisher Murder Mystery. 

About half way thru season 1, what a great show, trying to keep it at 1 episode a week, as to not burn through them so fast.

( also looked to see if there's to be a season 4  and found this)

"ABC (AU) is yet to renew Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries for Series 4"

 here's hoping!

Larry said:

I love Miss Fisher Murder Mystery. 

I took in a handful of episodes, likewise on Netflix.  My sentiments were much like Tome's.  While the production values are often pretty good, I find the tone a bit too campy at times.  So I have to be in the right mood.  I slurped down the first series of Peaky Blinders with greater avarice.  Been taking my time with The Man in the High Castle because of scarcity of off-work time.  So Miss Fisher became a back burner one.

I just started watching this, and I'm liking it so far. I began watching it with some friends who were towards the end of season one, so I just viewed the first couple of episodes. The mysteries aren't too mysterious, or even really that interesting, but the aesthetic of the show and the various characters and their relationships with each other draw me in. Essie Davis is pretty good at being the free spirited and sassy Phryne.

I've only watched four episodes, and I've already seen story lines that include abortion and lesbianism. It's important to showcase inequalities of the past; it's easy to wish for the "good 'ole days" without thinking of the baggage the past holds. It's at least something I think of as a dieselpunk. 

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